Don't Carry Too Much Stuff In Your Hiking Backpack

Not every hiking backpack is equal. They are often meant for different things. You should think how and where you are going to use your backpack. Remember that you have to carry it everywhere and still have energy left afterwards.

The pack should not weight more than 30% of your bodyweigh. You should keep the pack even lighter to prevent any unnecessary accidents.

The size of your hiking backpack depends on what type of hiking you usually do. If you only go on day hikes, with an occasional overnight, then you should opt for a day backpack. If you mainly go on week long trips, you should get one of the mid to larger backpacks.

The larger hiking backpacks have padded shoulder straps, and I would recommend them also for day packs. You may not be carrying as much weight, but there is no reason to be uncomfortable, and sore shoulders can ruin even a day hike.

Waist belts are a must for larger hiking backpacks. Not only do they transfer most of the weight to your hips, but also ensure a more stable and balanced load, which prevents accidents when climbing over rocks and moving over rough terrain. Most backpacks also have smaller straps, which fasten across your chest, for even more stability.

Most of the backpacks have outer pockets. You should store items that you need quick access to in them. Use the zipper at the bottom of the pack to reach stuff that is at the bottom of the pack.

Make sure that you are carrying enough food and water with you. You should carry less clothes with you so that you can carry more food and water with you since they are more important. One set of spare clothes is enough.

Size your new hiking backpack to accommodate everything you need to take with you, without stuffing it to capacity. An overloaded bag will usually be very uncomfortable, and can be dangerously unbalanced. Rather select one a bit larger, and resist the temptation to fill it just because there may be some space left.

Stick to your weight limit and enjoy your hiking trip.


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